Thursday, 10 March 2011

Genetic Engineering- Plants

I found this an interesting topic because it may lead the way to the future of mankind. Reasons being that genetically modified organism (GMO) have already made up much of what we eat today, or at least here in Canada. New agriculture harvest are made of GMO's because these plants have much higher yields then unmodified crops. They also have more nutritional value then there natural counterpart which helps developing nations that may not get enough vitamins in there diet. There is also in development edible vaccines and crops then can grow in almost anywhere. There is a negative side to this as these new plants are basically a crime against nature, as they are a mixture of a bunch of plants. I found that the health and safety of GMO's are still in question but no ones sure about weather they are good or bad. There has been genetic studies on humans, like cloning but has not been approved for testing. I think that there is great promise for this technology to help mankind, as long as we make sure to test and study any effects.

This was more on plant Genetics but theres a lot on humans coming out and i am sure i will have write one more focused on people. Like any science it takes a while to understand it all.

Do you think Genetic Engineering is good or bad? Reasons? Post comments, it really depends on you to lead the way into the future

Thats it for now. Oh and funny picture why not.

 not sure if funny or stupid, maybe i should post cats next time.

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  1. GMO saves lives man! Followed!